Top 4 Apps Everybody Should Own

In today’s fast-paced world it’s impossible to not have a smartphone. Whether you’re an up-and-coming unpaid communications intern or a two-year-old learning to use the potty, there is an app that will make you fitter, happier, smarter, healthier, wealthier, more attractive and more productive.

So, without further ado, we’ve partnered with our good friends Andrew, Ulysses and Ben at AT&T Apps to share this sponsored post on the top 4 apps that will improve your life!

1. EsteemKeeper

EsteemKeeper app icon

Has your massive personal online over-sharing alienated you from your friends? No more! EsteemKeeper provides you with a social scorecard that always goes up and finds the silver lining in your sad, lonely online existence. Subscribe for further features, including our service that counters the perception that you are an isolated hermit by supplying you with an army of engineered online friends. These EsteemFriends™ will cheer you on after you post momentous life occasions, such as getting a promotion, finally asking that cute neighbor out on a date, or sharing your opinions on Star Trek Into Darkness.

2. Fartr

Fartr app icon

Finally, an advanced cloud-based system for tracking your personal emissions: Fartr! Download the app and immediately begin logging your flatulence — the most intimate measure of your atmospheric footprint. Powerful social features extend the already incredibly robust abilities of this app. Share your logs on Facebook or Twitter and tag your friends in your FartStream™. Upgrade to FartrPRO for advanced tools such as the ability to anonymously mark which of your friends dealt it and the ability to route your walking route around regions of recent flatulence. It’s great for your health and the environment!

3. Rush: The Game

Rush: The Game app icon

Rush isn’t just a new movie from director, writer, producer, and phenomenon Ron Howard™ — it’s a brand new video game experience for your smartphone! Using the power of the new M7 motion processor, Rush: The Game recognizes when you are driving and gives you points for pulling awesome stunts while supplying a real Formula One experience: the cheering crowds, frantic announcers, banter from the pit crew and, of course, the jeers from your rivals! But a warning: if you fail to win enough points, a burn filter will be applied to your avatar to show your friends that you’ve failed in your quest for greatness. Live the dream and turn your commute into the race of a lifetime. (The creators of Rush: The Game hold no liability in the likely event that you are injured while playing this game. Drive safe.)

4. MaybeNote

MaybeNote app icon

Piggybacking on the success of EverNote, MaybeNote is positioned to be the SnapChat of note-taking. Save and share memos, lists, photos, thoughts, videos, screenshots, etc as you normally would. There’s no need to worry about over-saving or having your privacy invaded because MaybeNote uses a patented system to erase your notes at irregular intervals! Sleep soundly, assured that your notes are probably not where you left them.

Well, that’s it. Remember that staying cool, hip and culturally relevant is a zero-sum game, so give these four apps a try before your friends beat you to it!