The Giant Eye of Dallas Sees All and Knows All

Tony Tasset's The Eye in Dallas: Front

So you’re walking along Main Street in Dallas when you happen to look up from your phone and make eye contact with this. No, you’re not tripping (well, probably not) nor are you going crazy (though that’s debatable). No need to get your eyes checked; you are staring at the world’s largest cyclops fossil, or, if you believe the powers that be, a giant sculpture appropriately titled Eye.

A recent import to Dallas by way of Chicago, this portent of doom from beyond the black gate of the apocalypse was crafted by Tony Tasset in 2007 (though I choose to believe that it has always existed and will always remain, even after it devours the Universe on the day of judgment). Some say Tony crafted this based on his own eye, but in truth Tony’s eye is a scale-model of this 30-foot behemoth.

Eye is currently residing at 1607 Main Street in Dallas, behind some fences in a construction zone (no word on whether the fences are for the safety of the eye or the safety of visitors. Chicago didn’t fence it in, WHAT ARE THEY NOT TELLING US??).

Once you get past the fact that it’s staring deep into your soul it’s kinda cute, right?

Tony Tasset's The Eye in Dallas: Side

Tony Tasset's The Eye in Dallas: Back