Listen to this Lovely Playlist While You Stuff Your Face With Half-Price Chocolate

I know that this is two days late and only serves to remind you of the chore that Valentine’s Day represents to most human people (whether you celibate — er, celebrate — it or not). That said, your unflagging author has taken it upon himself to make a romantic playlist — putting slightly more effort into it than he put into finding a date on the actual holiday (zero effort is an easy thing to surmount).

And, on the topic of this playlist’s tardiness, I might add that the smart people wait a day or two to celebrate love and flower delivery people anyway — I mean you’ve gotta be dumb to pay full price for heart-shaped chocolates when you know they discount it heavily if you only wait one day. Use your brain!

So check out this playlist (which is totally earnest). I promise you’ll both love and be in love with it. After all, I put my heart into it.

Feb 14 + 2 on Grooveshark

Or, listen to it on Spotify.