Team Walt Explains Away Mr. White’s Latest Breaking Bad Atrocities

Spoilers are all relegated to below the fold, but if you haven’t seen any Breaking Bad (and plan on doing so at a later date) then you should just avoid this whole post.

Breaking Bad is two episodes from it’s conclusion and we’ve just seen what is arguably the best hour of television ever. Things are getting tough to watch, but as always the debate over how we should view Walter White rages on in select corners of the internet.

We’ll hear from both sides in this post. First, Team Walt gives us some sympathy for Mr. White and explains how he’s making the best out of a terrible situation. Then, a rebuttal from those who aren’t drinking the cool blue kool-aid. You know, the sane people.

Spoilers aplenty beyond the ‘Continue’ link, so watch out!

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The Good Wife‘s Bad Children

The Good Wife, CBS’s acclaimed courtroom to living room drama centered around the lovely Julianna Margulies has been around for a couple years now. With the level of excitement set at a steady average, this show has been appearing on television screens at random intervals with a persistent yet subtle promise of interesting, but not delivering quite enough to lure in an innocent bystander such as myself. However, the other night at the precarious hour of 3am, with all defences down, the show took me by surprise and then got me thinking…

First things first: the series focuses on Alicia (Margulies), a once stay at home mom who goes back to work as a lawyer following a thirteen year hiatus when her husband (a State’s Attorney) scandalously ends up in jail. From there, you’ve got your token gay brother, emotionally immature love interest, morally questionable hot-shot, well-meaning but snobby mother-in-law, financial troubles, courtroom dramas, and a lot of dirty politics with everyone left wondering why Alicia has not yet left her husband, as she’s no imbecile.

That being said, though the show fulfills all these sitcom prerequisites, it does so with an off-kilter balance and sprinkles of intelligent humor that make it oddly watchable and, at times, enjoyable. The main female characters are more often than not portrayed as wonderfully strong, professional, mature, and even badass women, yet fallable and caring so as to steer clear of familiar and polarized characterizations (in other words, they are neither at one another’s throats, nor at cuddle parties. Shocking!). Julianna Margulies, forever sympathetic since early 90’s ER, heads this acting-proficient cast and the only thing that causes an ocassional bother is the amount of raised, pointy eyebrows scattered throughout the show. However, there is one area in which the show falls unforgivibly short, and that is in its portrayal of children.

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Most Eligible Dallas? These Dallasites say “Nay!”

Another double post here at Castle in the Pie! This time, Chelsea and Alex delve into the latest “reality” series on Bravo: Most Eligible Dallas. First up we have Chelsea’s sardonic take on the cast members. Following that, Alex will explain how reality television is to blame for the flaws of these characters. Read on, you most eligible of readers:

As part of Bravo TV‘s ever-revolving line-up of shows about shitty people doing shitty things, the latest (and possibly douchiest) is set in good ‘ol Dallas, with an extra helping of tired stereotypes to boot! In the opening scenes, we’re treated to a few glamorous shots of the city skyline, mixed in with inexplicable footage of longhorns (In the city? Really?) while one of the show’s “stars”, Matt, explains that he loves Dallas because it’s a “small town”. Dallas is a lot of things, Matt, but small is not one of them. If the old adage is true, nothing in Texas is small (Except our teacher’s paychecks! Zing!).

So, who are the most eligible folks in all of Dallas land? Ladies and Gents, meet the people who are the sole representatives of Dallas! (We have no black people in Dallas. Or poor people. Or brunettes.)

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